We now have the solution that solved the operational need, but its tentacles reach deep through the operational labyrinth: data network, line- and low-voltage electrical, controls+automation, alarm+fire sensors, distributed audio-video.

How often have you had a solution provider leave shortly after deployment leaving the responsibility of documenting system details entirely on you in order for your maintenance staff to ensure ongoing operational integrity? Not to mention that the problem is exacerbated with staff turnover — both in your organization, and at the vendor’s.

We are adamant that documentation is core part of the solution, and we have developed extensive workflows in order to capture in-field details, and to transform them into documentation sets that are useful and comprehensive.

Enduring documentation reduces risk!

If you wish to see where we have used our documentation workflows to help our clients, click on the Projects link below. Or read some of the articles we have published about documentation workflows.